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Planning to create a custom bootloader?
This document answers many of the questions you may have.
Most of the concepts covered within are not discussed thoroughly in datasheets, and various tips for designing a robust bootloader are provided.

Table of Contents:

1. How do I get started?
2. What are the NRWW and RWW regions?
3. How does the bootloader update the application?
4. Can a bootloader update fuses?
5. What is BOOTLOADER_SECTION in for?
6. How do I program the bootloader to the MCU?
7. How do I program both the application and the bootloader?
8. Can a bootloader use interrupts?
9. Should the bootloader or the application run first?
10. How does the bootloader know when to start the application?
11. How does the bootloader start the application?
12. How can the bootloader be sure the application is intact?
13. Can the bootloader use code built into the application?
14. Can the application use code built into the bootloader?
15. Why can't global variables be accessed from shared functions?
16. Can the application use an ISR built into the bootloader?
17. How can a shared ISR access global data?
18. Can I save space in a bootloader with few or no ISRs?

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