Current robots

Robotics is a very broad field that includes areas as varied as industrial arms, autonomous cars, drones, medical robots, or humanoid robots (androids).

On this page we are going to see some examples of robots that are already working in laboratories, hospitals and on our streets.

Robot atlas

Atlas is an android developed by Boston Dynamics (owned by Google) for the United States Army Research Department (DARPA).

He has become famous for the Deep Fakes videos that have appeared showing him as a robot armed and out of control. Here we are only going to see the videos of its real operation, increasingly advanced.

Tesla model X

Tesla is a high-tech company that is revolutionizing the automotive industry by building and selling self-driving cars.

In this case we are going to see a demo from November 2016 with a Tesla model X in which you can observe the internal calculations of the car while driving autonomously on the road.

Da vinci robot

This is a guided robot, not an autonomous one, that allows surgery to be performed through small holes, called laparoscopic surgery.

Google Assistant

This is one of the fields where artificial intelligence is being developed the most. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant aren't robots with moving parts, but they promise to help us with many everyday tasks.

Industrial robots

The first application of robots was industrial manufacturing. In this section we are going to see several examples of industrial robots in their work environment.