The Caliber

The caliper, also called caliper, is a measuring instrument with greater precision than a millimeter rule.

The gauge has several jaws and a probe with which outer diameters, inner diameters and depths can be easily measured.

Its vernier also called vernier scale is an auxiliary scale that allows the measurement of distances with a precision from 0.1 millimeters to 0.02 millimeters. This precision improves 10 times or more the precision of a millimeter ruler.

Gauge parts

A gauge is made up of the following parts:

Calibre de medida con sus partes señaladas por números.

Parts of a caliber or king foot.

  1. External measuring jaws.
  2. Internal measuring jaws.
  3. Probe to measure depths.
  4. Millimeter main scale.
  5. Vernier to read fractions of millimeters.
  6. Slide button.
  7. Brake screw.
  8. Slide (moving part of the gauge).
  9. Rule (fixed part of the gauge).
Corredera de un calibre moviéndose sobre la regla.

One gauge slide moving on the rule.

Carrying out measurements

In the following images you can see how measurements of the exterior, interior and depth of a part are taken.

Calibre tomando una medida exterior.

Calibrate by taking an outside measurement.

Calibre tomando una medida interior.

Calibrate by taking an inside measurement.

Calibre tomando una medida de profundidad.

Gauge by taking a depth measurement.

Measurement with the vernier

The measurement in millimeters of a gauge can be seen on the main scale, where it coincides with the 0 mark of the vernier.

The measurement in tenths of a millimeter can be observed at the point where one of the lines of the vernier coincides exactly with a line of the main scale.

Medición de una distancia de 16,6 milímetros con un calibre.

Measuring a distance of 16.6 millimeters.

Medición de una distancia de 24,0 milímetros con un calibre.

Measurement of a distance of 24.0 millimeters.

Medición de una distancia de 9,9 milímetros con un calibre.

Measuring a distance of 9.9 millimeters.

Virtual gauge

Simulation of a caliper with a precision of 0.05 millimeters.

Measurement exercises

Sheet with exercises to read distances with the caliper

Exercises of measurements with caliber. PDF format.