Tools are instruments that are used to perform specific jobs and with which materials can be manipulated to manufacture or repair a product. Examples of tools are the scissors to cut, the pencil to mark, the hammer to hit or the ruler to measure.

Each tool is specialized in carrying out a specific task in an ideal way, so it should not be used to carry out other tasks.

Examples of misuse of tools are: screwing with scissors, hitting with the handle of a screwdriver, tightening a nut with pliers, etc.

In the technology workshop it is not allowed to carry out these operations of misuse of the tools because they are dangerous for the people who carry them out and because they can damage the tool itself or the product.

Differences between material and tool

To distinguish the tools from the materials, we will take into account that the tools are not part of the manufactured object and can be reused in the manufacture of various products.

Examples of materials, which are not considered tools: staple, nail, screw, glue, hot melt glue stick, cellophane, screw, paint, cables, etc.

These materials are not tools because they are part of the manufactured object. Although some of these materials, such as paint or cellophane, are stored in large containers, the part of the material that has been used will become part of the manufactured or repaired object.

Examples of tools, which are not considered materials: pencil, sandpaper, hot melt glue gun, brush, hammer, screwdriver, etc.

None of these tools are part of the manufactured object. The sandpaper can wear out and cannot be reused on another product, but it will not form part of the sanded wood either.

Tools Classification

There are different types of tools depending on the operation to be performed.

Operation Tools
Measurement Graduated ruler, compass, level, tape measure, caliper, multimeter.
Marked Pencil, scribe, cord with chalk, marnette, square, bevel, compass.
Subjection Pliers, vise, clamp, pliers, masking tape, pin.
Hit Ball-peen hammer, claw hammer, nylon mallet, pot.
Court Saw, hacksaw, jigsaw, hacksaw, cutter, scissors, sheet metal shears, electrician's scissors, wire stripper pliers, chisel, chisel, gouge, cold cutter, glass cutter.
Perforated Punch, auger, drill, drill bit.
Union Screwdriver, hot melt glue gun, electric soldering iron, spanner and fixed wrenches, allen key, needle and thread, knitting needles.
Finish Sandpaper, file, rasp, polisher, brush, brush, paint roller.


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