Code Tutorials

_images/codeorg-logo.png is a page that has multiple tutorials to learn to program, from a preschool level to the last years of high school. The courses and tutorials present problems that must be solved by programming the solution with blocks.

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The website allows you to do the exercises without registering. In the case of wanting to register, the page only asks for an e-mail, which does not have to be real, and the results will be stored from one session to another.

Code Courses

List of long courses to learn to program. Each of the stages has an approximate completion time of 40 minutes.

Modern courses

Course Ages Stages and exercises
Course C From 6 to 10 years 10 stages with 111 exercises.
Course D From 7 to 11 years 12 stages with 139 exercises.
Course E From 8 to 12 years 11 stages with 130 exercises and final project.
Course F From 9 to 13 years 14 stages with 104 exercises and final project.
Express Course From 9 to 18 years old 27 long stages with 318 exercises and project.

Classic courses

Course Ages Stages and exercises
Course 2 More than 8 years 11 long stages with 139 exercises.
Course 3 More than 9 years 14 long stages with 158 exercises.
Course 4 From 9 to 14 years 16 long stages with 161 exercises.
Crash Course From 13 years and older. 9 long stages with 98 exercises.

Hour of code

Hour of Code are small thematic tutorials that can be done in less than an hour.

Number Course Exercises
1 Dance Party 13
2 Keep dancing! 9
3 Minecraft Aquatic Journey 12
4 Minecraft Hero's Journey 12
5 Minecraft Adventurer 14
6 Minecraft Designer 12
7 Flappy Code 10
8 Hello World eleven
9 Compute it 60
10 Art of Poem 9
eleven AI for Oceans 8
12 Angry Birds Maze twenty
13 Star Wars fifteen
14 Frozen twenty
fifteen Outbreak Simulator 10
16 Artist 10
17 Basketball game 8
18 Multisport game 8
19 Classic Playlab 10
twenty Ice Age Games Lab eleven
twenty-one Disney Games Lab 10
22 Gumball Game Lab eleven

More exercises from hour of code

App Lab

The Apps programming laboratories allow you to program applications for smartphones in java language.