Add a library to Arduino

The Arduino environment comes by default with the most common libraries. But, sometimes, it is necessary to add a new library so that Arduino can handle other devices such as TFT panels or infrared emitters and receivers. This page explains step by step how to add a new library or how to update an existing library in the Arduino graphical environment.

Add a new library to Arduino

  1. Copy the library in *.zip format to a known directory on your hard drive.

  2. Open the Arduino graphical environment.

  3. In the Arduino menu, select Program...Include Library...Add .ZIP Library...

    Menú Sketch... Importar Librería... Add Library
  4. Find the hard disk directory where the library is located

  5. Select the *.zip file with the library and press [Open]

    Seleccionar el archivo \*.zip de la librería
  6. If the library has been imported correctly, a message will appear informing about it. 'Library added to your libraries.'

    Librería importada correctamente
  7. If the library is already installed, an orange error message will appear indicating that the library already exists. 'A library name _ _ _ already exists'.

    If you want to update the library you need to first remove the old library.

    Mensaje de error: librería ya existente.
  8. Check that Arduino has the new library in the list of installed libraries.

    Program... Include Library...

    Listado de librerías instaladas

Delete an Arduino library

To update a library that is already installed in the Arduino environment, it is necessary to delete the old library first. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Select in the menu File... Preferences...

    You can also press the keys [Ctrl] + Comma

  2. Copy the 'Sketchbook Location' path by pressing [Ctrl] + c

    Copiar la ruta de Sketchbood de Arduino
  3. In the file explorer, paste the copied path and press enter.

    Pegar la ruta en el explorador de archivos
  4. In the explorer, inside the Sketchbook path, select the folder Arduino... libraries...

    In this location you can see the currently installed libraries.

    Contenido de la carpeta libraries de Arduino
  5. Select the library you want to delete and press the delete key or press the right mouse button and 'Delete'

See the libraries installed in Arduino

To see which libraries Arduino already has installed, it is necessary to select it in the menu.

Program... Include Library...

Listado de librerías instaladas