Arduino IDE for Windows

IDE to program Arduino boards.

Official website download page

IDE version 1.8.13 for Windows (May 2021)

Libraries for Arduino IDE

Individual libraries for Arduino:

  • PC42 handling of the Picuino PC42 control panel
  • IRremote control infrared emitters and receivers
  • dht11 DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor control
  • LiquidCrystal control LCD display panels
  • NewliquidCrystal LCD display panel control
  • SCoop multitasking programming
  • SDPlus SD memory management
  • makeblock handling mBot and other makeblock bots
  • Wire I2C/TWI serial communications

The Wire library is included by default in the Arduino programming environment. In the event that the programming environment is very old and does not include the library, this version can be downloaded and installed.

Picuino control panel

Libraries for managing the Picuino PC42 control panel


Fritzing is a free program (open-source) for Windows, Mac and Linux that allows you to make electrical and wiring diagrams with realistic images for Arduino and breadboard.

Fritzing version 0.9.4 64bits for Windows

Fritzing official page

Fritzing source code on GitHub