Computer resources

Old versions of LibreOffice

Official download page for the old versions of LibreOffice. It includes portable versions of the office suite, from version 3.3.

The tutorials for Impress, Writer and Calc created by José Manuel Blanco Guimarey have been recorded using the old version 3.6 of LibreOffice for Windows.

If you want to use a portable version of LibreOffice to carry out the exercises on this website, you can use the portable LibreOffice version 4.4.7, since there are no portable versions corresponding to version 3 of LibreOffice.

Flash Player Emulator

In January 2021, support from the Adobe company and most browsers for content created in Flash Player format ended. Taking into account that there is a lot of content on the Web in Flash Player format, an effort has been made to create emulators that allow animations to be executed safely and faithfully.

Ruffle is an emulator that allows you to run old animations created for Flash Player transparently by simply adding a javascript file to the original content.

Ruffle is the technology used on this website to preserve the old tutorials created for Flash Player.