Subject evaluation

Anonymous questionnaire to evaluate technology subjects.

Cuestionario de evaluación de la asignatura de Tecnología.

The questionnaire has 6 possible answers (from 1 to 6) so there is no central value, equivalent to 5 out of 10. This forces the student to opt for a value greater or less than 5.

All the sentences are written in the affirmative so as not to create confusion when scoring each item. Each item should be scored according to whether you agree with the sentence, so that a value of 1 means that you strongly agree and a value of 6 means that you strongly agree with the sentence.

The questionnaire is anonymous so that you do not detract from sincerity when answering. Once the quizzes have been collected, a consecutive number can be added to each sheet to facilitate the task of passing the results to the spreadsheet that evaluates the results.

The questions on the first side of the questionnaire can give ideas for improvement to answer the open questions on the second side.