8. Character format I

In this exercise we are going to modify the text format with the formatting toolbar. With the buttons on this bar we can change the font type and size, the subscript and superscript format, and the color of the text and background.

  1. First we download and open the example document with LibreOffice Writer.

    Character format exercise I

  2. When opening the previous file we will find the following plain text.

    The exercise consists of formatting each paragraph of the text to match the instructions that can be read in the following image. This image represents the final result of the exercise.

    Ejercicio formato de carácter I.

  3. To give the necessary format to the text we are going to use the following buttons on the toolbar.

    Barra de herramientas de formato de Writer.

    The button button-tipo-letra change the font

    The button button-tamanio-texto change the size of the text in points (pt)

    The button button-superindice change the format to superscript

    The button button-subindice change the format to subscript

    The button button-color-texto change text color

    The button button-color-fondo change background color

  4. If the toolbar cannot be seen, we will need to show it.

    In the View... Toolbars... menu we select the Format toolbar.

  5. If at any time we want to remove the formatting of a text, after selecting the text we will use the remove formatting button button-quitar-formato.

    Unformats a paragraph of text and reformats it with the Ctrl+Z key combination or the undo button button-deshacer-accion.