10. Paragraph format I

In this exercise, we'll format paragraphs of text by adjusting edge spacing (indentation), line spacing and paragraph spacing, hyphenation at the end of each line, and the like.

  1. To give the necessary format to the text we are going to use the menu Format... Paragraph...

    In the Indentation and spacing tab, the following window will appear.


    In this window you can choose the indentation space (space between the border and the text), the space before and after the paragraph or the space between lines of a paragraph (leading).

  2. Now we download and open the example document with LibreOffice Writer.

    Paragraph format exercise I

  3. When opening the previous file we will find the following plain text.

    The exercise consists of formatting each paragraph of the text to match the instructions that can be read in the following image. This image represents the final result of the exercise.

    Ejercicio formato de párrafo I.

  4. Another way to format a paragraph is to use some buttons on the toolbar.

    button-justificado Justifies the text on both sides.

    button-izquierda Left justify the text.

    button-derecha Justifies the text to the right.

    button-centrado Center the text in the middle of the page.

    button-aumenta-sangria Increases the indentation of the text (shifts to the right).

    button-reduce-sangria Reduces the indentation of the text (shifts to the left).

    button-interlineado Increases or decreases the leading (space between lines of the paragraph).

    button-separa-parrafos Increase the separation between paragraphs.

    button-junta-parrafos Reduce the separation between paragraphs.